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Hailing from the Black Country in the West Midlands UK, M.U.M are an experimental production team consisting of brothers Dal and Manpreet Darroch originally from Wolverhampton with firm roots in Birmingham.
Their story starts with their family background as far back as 100 years ago being in the music sector with a family business wholesaling and selling musical instruments from their home city in the Punjab, India which continues today. With their maternal grandfather arriving in the UK in the 1950s to seek fortune in the Black Country’s coal and lock making industries, M.U.M are now third generation British Asians inspired by their dual heritage and musical dynasty.



Juttla is a producer, remixer and deejay from the Midlands who has been releasing music now for twenty years with releases under his belt on various labels including ZYX Records, Back 2 Basics Recordings, Second Movement, Swaraj and has previously received reviews in Metro Newspaper, DJ Magazine, Big Issue, What’s On UK!, Knowledge Magazine, Mixmag, DMC Update and more. He has also done official remixes of artists such as Disablists & Foreign Beggars, Asian Dub Foundation, Marshall Jefferson, Banco De Gaia, Dopefish an more, and as a DJ has played all over the UK including Glastonbury Festival and dates in France, Poland, South Africa, Italy and more.

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Hailing from Wolverhampton, Gavin Skitt better known as SKITTY has been a leading force in the West Midlands drum’n’bass scene since the mid-nineties. After being influenced by the early 90’s sounds of Mickey Finn, Top Buzz and LTJ Bukem, he brought a pair of decks at the age of 13 before releasing his first tracks in 2004. Now Skitty has recorded for numerous labels including Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Nu Directions, Horizon Music, Subtitles, 36 Hertz Recordings, Wildstyle and more, as well as DJ’ing all over the world. Skitty also runs the well-respected label Foundation X which a driving force in drum’n’bass music.

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A.U.M, also known as Asian Underground Movement, are East London producers Numatix & Sanscript, producers from East London who crossed paths in the early stages of 2012 whilst helping organise a farewell gig for one of the Asian Underground’s pioneers, Coco Varma: the leading force behind Earthtribe. Numatix began producing electronic UK Bass music in 2009 when he moved to London from rural Hertfordshire. He initially experimented with Drum & Bass/Dubstep beats, but after meeting Coco he felt inspired to make music with a difference. Numatix felt it was now time to take his music to another level and unlock his full potential. As Sanscript is Coco’s nephew, he had grown up listening to an eclectic collection of music from all over the world. During his worldwide travels with Earthtribe, Sanscript gained first hand experience of the power of music as a means to promote inner peace and spirituality. Sanscript wants to revive the late ’90s vibe but for a new generation. The pair clicked immediately during a studio session, and the template for Karma was born. This marked the first step in A.U.M’s musical journey. A.U.M is a product of both Numatix and Sanscript’s mutual love of music. The duo were prepared from the beginning to push the boundaries and create music for everyone, with a fusion of eastern and western sounds.

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Bambooclart Profile Pic500

Hailing from Birmingham in the UK, producer and deejay Bambooclart has supported the likes of Adam F, Sukh Knight, Andrew Weatherall, Bobby Friction, Engine Earz, Shy FX, Nerm & D-Code, Foreign Beggars, Mista Jam, DJ Target plus many more. Influenced by a wide and varied selection of UK Bass music and almost anything that makes your head nod, Bambooclart is a very inventive and creative individual. Bambooclart’s sound is an original vibe that executes nostalgic synths, woven leads and atmospherics, all joined by his trademark heavy bass-lines. His original productions have been supported by some of the scene’s biggest tastemakers and he has done official remixes for the likes of Major Lazer, Shiva Soundsystem, D-Code, Driving Lolita, Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars, Sonny Jim from Eat Good Records.

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Nolige @ Hardware 2011 - 400

Nolige is a Drum & Bass Deejay and Music Producer based in Wolverhampton, UK. Starting life out as a DJ on District FM he turned his hand to producing music in 2003. His first release came out in 2005 on Bassbin Recordings, before going to release on Scientific Wax, Renegade Hardware, Architecture and Foundation X among others. He has also collaborated on material with other artists including DJ Ink, Pilgrim, Skitty, Loxy and Decepter, and more recently he has been producing tracks with Skitty for the Foundation X label. Nolige’s own DJ career has gone from strength to strength over the years with appearances at many nights across the UK including events such as Rupture, Renegade Hardware, Jungle Syndicate and Abstractions. He has also ventured across the waters and performed at events in Ireland and also in the Netherlands gaining a devoted following along the way.

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Mr. Doss has been terrorizing the bass music scene in India and also in different parts of the world through underground means of communication and promotion. His music has a universal appeal and has led to his sound reaching far and wide. Championed by DJ’s and Radio Stations in America, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and many more his tracks are full of raw bass-lines, grimy leads, floor-thumping drums, intelligent arrangements and numerous layers of sounds.

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Celt Islam is an English Muslim, a Sufi and a member of the northern British alternative dub/breaks outfit Nine Invisibles and Analogue Fakir. Celt-Islam uses a fusion of music from Dub/Electro/Drum & Bass with Islamic/world grooves to create a dub driven dance crossover. He has played at various events with the likes of Hank Shocklee, The Orb, Hardfloor, Engine Earz, DJ Bobby Friction, DJ Pathaan and was also chosen by the BBC to perform at the BBC Introducing stage Glastonbury 2010. Celt Islam is probably best known to date for his work in the genre of his creation – Sufi-Dub – which he singlehandedly developed and continues to define. He does so in collaboration with well known names such as Inder Goldfinger, tabla player for Stone Roses legend, Ian Brown’s band and Natacha Atlas and Dawoud Kringle who has recorded and performed with the likes of Lauryn Hill. Celt Islam’s work has appeared on some best selling compilations including Shisha Sound System and is regularly played and supported by BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network’s DJ’s like Bobby Friction and Nihal. Celt Islam has released four albums titled ‘Dervish’, ‘AL Mizan’, ‘Baghdad’ and ‘Urban Sutra’ and continues to shake dancefloor’s across the world.

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Nuphlo’s style is a delicate balance of eastern melodies, innovative beats and low subs. This tightrope approach to production has lead to a string of Vinyl, CD and MP3 releases on record labels both sides of the cultural spectrum. Nuphlo’s creative vision is to combine the essence of this music with new cutting edge Electronica. It all started in Leeds, 2001 where Nuphlo had a mix show playing Asian Underground and Drum & Bass on local radio station called ‘Fever FM.’ With the desire to play more exclusive material, production was the next logical step. Today, Nuphlo’s DJ sets consist mainly of exclusive tunes produced by himself and fellow artists. Nuphlo has released on various labels including Nasha Records (UK), High Chai Records (USA), Meerkat (Sweden), Lola’s World (Germany), Terminal Dusk (USA), Boosey and Hawkes (UK), Universal Records and Studio Rockers (UK) where he released the ’40 Thieves EP’ working alongside legendary producer Tony ‘Moody Boyz’ Thorpe. Nuphlo has previously remixed for artists such as Landslide, State of Bengal, Foreign Beggars, Jazzsteppa and Boosey & Hawkes.

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SOUND AVTAR - Eastern electronic Festivsl 2012

Sound Avtar uses cutting edge music production techniques, creativity and innovation and concocts tunes so monstrous that this brand just had to be brought out. With a genius mix of experience, skills and knowledge, he is ready to unleash the grime and bass within! Sound Avtar with his diverse drum patterns, heavy bass drops and lines and non-conventional melodies is here to reach out and map the globe with his music. Sound Avtar has been awarded best Drum & Bass/Dubstep on the MyFavAwards in India for 2012/2013.

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Sticky Digits

Midlands based producer Sticky Digits got into early Electronica and owned first analogue keyboard as teenager. Obsessed with sound and attending various raves it’s was tracks like Eon’s ‘The Spice’ that inspired this creative youth. The adventurous soundscapes of the 1990’s inspired him to start creating his sound and vibe. After having experience in studios and being part of local bands as hobby he eventually starting playing live dub gigs by the age of 18, picking up various vinyl and DJ’ing at free parties. A lifelong love of sound design and synthesis has come together in the last few years with his debut release ‘Moondust EP’ dropping on Eastern Pressure back in 2011. Now with a new EP currently being mixed and mastered the future is bright for this talented, creative and totally focused individual. Expect the unexpected and music that breaks boundaries.

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