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By Brian Patrick McGuire

The better half to Jean Gerson presents a consultant to new learn on Jean Gerson (1363-1429), theologian, chancellor of the collage of Paris, and church reformer. Ten articles define his existence and works, contribution to put devotion, position as biblical theologian, position as humanist, mystical theology, involvement within the conciliar circulate, dilemmas as collage grasp and conflicts with the mendicants, perspectives on ladies and particularly on woman visionaries, participation within the debate at the "Roman de los angeles Rose", and the afterlife of his works till the French Revolution. a few of the individuals are veterans of gersonian reports, whereas others have lately accomplished their dissertations. All map the relevance of Gerson to realizing past due medieval and early sleek tradition, faith and spirituality.

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Paris, 1842–52). Reprinted in three volumes (Paris, 1994). Livre 15, ch. 4 in tome 2, vol. 1, 184. 8 brian patrick mcguire considered Benedict XIII to be a potential ally in ending the schism and the same autumn sent a delegation to him, led by Pierre d’Ailly. In February 1395 there was held a first general meeting or assembly of clergy, known as the First Synod of Paris, which asked both popes to resign and considered the withdrawal of obedience from the pope at Avignon. Gerson’s role in this meeting is not clear, but a sermon which may be from 4 April this year (Ecce rex tuus venit tibi mansuetus) asked for the resignation of both popes and so was in harmony with the result of the synod.

14; EW 157. in search of jean gerson 21 even Gerson at times had to stop. 499). 502–504). This step would have required the tacit consent of the duke of Burgundy, who by now would have considered Gerson a potential enemy, because of his lack of support for the duke’s “spin doctor”, Jean Petit. From December 1411 until August 1412 there was open civil war in Paris between Burgundian and Armagnac factions, the latter being the supporters of the son of the murdered duke of Orleans. 50–64). These works have hardly been given the notice they deserve as indications of his views not only on sexuality but also on grace and free will.

Opera Omnia, vol. 5, col. 691. 164–70. 66 Connolly, John Gerson, pp. 187–88. 65 28 brian patrick mcguire In April papal concordats were made with the German and French delegations, superficially endorsing church reforms, and on 22 April the council was closed. 302–303). 67 He asked if the pope really meant what he had written and tried to make it appear that there was room for compromise. 191–94). Gerson’s recommendation that the king function as protector of the Church was to a large extent carried out in fifteenth-century France, but not with the beneficial consequences he envisioned.

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