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If the conditions for acceptance are not met, the active buffer transfers the incoming problem to the output port unsolved, which takes a certain amount of time. The unsolved problem is retransmitted to other processing elements (the destination is based on the architecture of the node) in the same node where the active buffer is. If the active buffer receives an incoming problem while transmitting a problem to the unsolved port, it allows itself to be interrupted and transfers the problem to the output port interrupted.

Out -in- coup ... class CELLULAR - MODELS ... ext - coup - Inll- orlgln CONTROLLED - MODELS ... controller ... struetllr. FIGURE 1. Class hierarchy in DEVS-Scheme. Uppercases are classes; lowercases are class/instance variables. 2. The DEVS-Scheme Modelling and Simulation Environment 25 the atomic level of the underlying model formalism. It has instance variables and methods corresponding to each of the parts of this formalism. Coupled-models is the major class which embodies the hierarchical model composition of the DEVS formalism.

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