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Neverver is an Oceanic language spoken by means of simply over 500 humans at the excessive island of Malekula in Vanuatu. Drawing on an intensive corpus of box recordings gathered among 2004 and 2008, the research finds a truly attention-grabbing phonological method with six prenasalized segments, wealthy structures of ownership, tense/aspect/mood marking, valence switch, and verb serialization. The grammar is of curiosity to experts in Oceanic and Austronesian linguistics, in addition to to basic linguists, specifically these drawn to linguistic typology.

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9. 1. The consonant inventory Table 4. 2. Distinctive features for Neverver consonants  25 Neverver has nineteen consonant segments. Prenasalization is a prominent feature of the inventory. In the central Malekula region, Neverver is known for its trills, particularly the prenasalized bilabial trill which appears with considerable frequency in the corpus. The bilabial trill segment is also found in related Malekula languages including Avava (Crowley 2006a: 25), Unua (Elizabeth Pearce, pers. ) and Northeast Malekula (Ross McKerras, pers.

In Unua, the prenasalized velar plosive is beginning to reduce in the same environment. 4. The prenasalized bilabial trill /ɂ/ The status of [mɂ] as a distinct phoneme /ɂ/ deserves some consideration. 1 above), there is a trilled allophone that occurs before the high back rounded vowel /u/. Supposing that such a distribution pattern was also relevant to the prenasalized bilabial plosive, we might hypothesize that both bilabial plosives are subject to a regular allophonic change of the following kind: Hypothesis: bilabial plosive : bilabial trill / ___ u This analysis is suggested by a number of verb stems in the corpus.

Elsewhere, it occurs with rather low frequency. ). o. banyan’ [nipejan] [nepra] ‘weaving’ place name [nep:ar] ‘cross-beams (in a house)’ [nip:er] ‘fern’ Two words are attested with medial geminate /p/ segments. Both of these are from closed word classes. 3. Consonant contrasts  (11) [lap:an] ‘under’ [sup:ak ~ sup:ax] ‘nearly, almost’ 29 Word-final /p/ is restricted to loan words. In this environment, the final /p/ alternates with the voiceless allophone [‫ ]ݡ‬of the bilabial fricative /ȕ/. (12) [kap ~ ka‫]ݡ‬ [sop ~ so‫]ݡ‬ [stap ~ sta‫]ݡ‬ ‘metal, iron’ (Bis.

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