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By Timothy B. Shutt, Recorded Books

Explores the heritage and tradition of historical Sparta, a society popular for army excellence and adherence to the values of braveness, self-discipline, responsibility, and the overcoming of worry. Professor Shutt delves into Spartan tradition, studying its origins, govt, faith, and the most important occasions that outlined its history.

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Herodotus mentions six hundred triremes, which would suggest a very large force indeed, but even if, as most scholars believe, Herodotus is exaggerating—even wildly—the Persians far outnumbered the eight thousand or so Athenian hoplites present and the thousand or so Plataeans who loyally joined them. The Spartans had promised, meanwhile, to help the Athenians in their hour of need, and when the Athenians realized that the Persian invasion was immanent, they dispatched a professional “all-day runner” named Philippides (or Pheidippides) to Sparta to request assistance.

We are told that as Leonidas departed, he gave little indication of expecting to return home. Quite the contrary. ” And the fact that his chosen Spartan companions all left in Laconia living sons and heirs suggests they too were departing on what was conceived from the outset, at least in Sparta, as something not far from a suicide mission. What, then, was its purpose? ” But the question remains, in what sense might “dying for the Greeks” be helpful? Several answers might be proposed. In the first case, the traditional Spartan reluctance to fight outside of the Peloponnese, and indeed, to fight for anyone other than themselves and their traditional allies was well known, if not notorious.

Trans. Ernest Barker. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995. Cartledge, Paul. The Spartans: The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece. New York: Overlook, 2003. Plutarch. Plutarch: Moralia. 15 vols. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1936–1969. LECTURE SIX ———. On Sparta. Rev. ed. Trans. A. Talbert. New York: Penguin, 2005. 34 Lecture 7: The Early Days: Before the Persian Wars The Suggested Reading for this lecture is Paul Cartledge’s Sparta and Lakonia: A Regional History 1300 to 362 BC.

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