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By Lotsawa Kawa Paltseg, Thubten K. Rikey, Andrew Ruskin

In English (with a few textual content in Tibetan Landuage)

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4) Trunk (~=;-~·) 5) Bud (~·~·) 6) Pith (~c/lf) 7) Flower (il·'f)llr) 8) Fruit B. ·) 5) Space 6) Time (~"~-"~1'1~·) (~'-r) C. Jlll''l') The twelve links or internal dependent arising are the way in which the causes of internal phenomena arise and then the way in which they bring results. Ignorance comes from great darkness. Similar to the way darkness obscures even the rough appearance of produced things, the darkness of mind obscures one's vision of the nature of karma, the results of karma, the truths, the qualities of the Three Jewels, and the emptiness of phenomena.

B. ,·~·:::~· 2) ~ ... A NUAL OF KEY BUDDHIST TERMS accompany the realizations one obtains when one engages in close contemplation o( phenomena. These realizations are the awareness that the aff1 ictive emotions are not conducive \vith a pure practice, and that purification is the antidote to them, which requires their abandonment. Among the ten non-virtues, three are actions of the body, four are actio ns of speech and three are actions of mind. The causes of these actions arising, such as desire and anger, hurting onese lf and others, and their ripening becomes great suffering.

S the abando nment of afflictive emotions after one meditates on the Arya path. Results caused by persons include the accrual of many barley sp routs after one does farming, the accmal of many goods by doing business, or the accrual of many livestock by animal husbandry. Environmental results refers to the quality of the location of one's birth. If one performed negativities in previous lives, then one is born in a bad location. If one performed virtuous activities, then one is bom in a good location.

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