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One of the readings of the &-sign is g 3 , "main precinct of the city-god"; the sign itself may be a representation of a temple sitting on a platform. The writing, therefore, represents the "main precinct of the god Nanna". Urim5 is the long value of the sign; the short value is U&. Because of the piece-meal growth of Sumerology and the changing interpretations of scholars, it is not uncommon to find one and the same sign transliterated different ways. Occasionally, even the standard sign catalogues (discussed in Appendix Three) may differ among is not the sign transliterated here The each other.

Other scholars, however, in fact transliterate this sign as 9glo,luaal-IJglO, or a s some typographic equivalent, such a s jjglo, luaal-jjglo. This means that transliterations of Sumerian differ somewhat from scholar to scholar. The transliteration used here reflects one conventional method of transliteration, even if its reflection of the sounds of Sumerian is somewhat shaky and incomplete. Vowels Surnerian had at least the following vowels: The precise phonetic value of these vowels, particularly the /el, is unsure.

System As discussed above, the traditional inventories of vowels and consonants for Sumerian largely contain only phonemes which are known to exist for Akkadian (except for /g/ and Idr/). It is probable that the Sumerian phonological system had phonemes which did not exist in Akkadian, but there is no unanimity about the inventory of these phonemes nor about their phonetic nature. Moreover, there has been little investigation of the Sumerian phonological system as a whole. Any resolution of such questions about Sumerian phonology can only take place after a thorough analysis of all the details of the Sumerian writing system, with all its intricacies and vagaries.

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