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By Kenneth C. Davis

Following his New York Times bestseller America's Hidden History, Kenneth C. Davis explores the gritty first half the 19th century—among the main tumultuous sessions during this nation's brief existence.

within the dramatic interval that spans approximately from 1800 via 1850, the us emerged from its inauspicious starting as a tiny infant kingdom, suffering for survival and political solidarity at the Atlantic seaboard, to a near-empire that spanned the continent. It was once a time within which the "dream of our founders" unfold in ways in which few males of that innovative iteration might be able to have imagined. And it used to be an period that finally resulted in the nice, tragic conflagration that followed—the American Civil battle.

The narratives that shape A kingdom Rising every one exemplify the "hidden history" of the US, exploring a tremendously extra advanced route to nationhood than the tidily packaged nationwide fantasy of a future made appear by way of visionary political leaders and fearless pioneers. as a substitute, Davis (whose writing People journal in comparison to "returning to the school room of the easiest instructor you ever had") explores many ancient episodes that reverberate to at the present time, together with:
* Aaron Burr's 1807 trial, showcasing the political intrigue of the early Republic and changing into one in all our nation's first media circuses
* an 1813 Indian rebellion and an resulting bloodbath that exposes the strong conflicts on the center of America's expansion
* a mutiny aboard the slave send Creole and the ways that the establishment of slavery either destroyed lives and warped our nation's founding
* the "Dade Massacre" and the beginning of the second one Seminole struggle, a protracted, lethal clash among Indian tribes, their African American allies, and the emergent U.S. Army
* the bloody "Bible Riots" in Philadelphia, demonstrating how lethal anti-immigrant sentiment may possibly be
* the tale of Jessie Benton FrÉmont and Lt. John C. FrÉmont, a extraordinary couple who jointly helped open the West, carry California into the Union, and gave literal form to the country today

the problems raised in those intertwined stories—ambition, strength, territorial enlargement, slavery, intolerance, civil rights, freedom of the press—continue to make headlines. The ensuing publication isn't just riveting storytelling in its personal correct, yet a stirring reminder of the ways that our background keeps to form our current.

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And it would be equally difficult, if not impossible, to continue to write about the shaping of a nation without taking into account this extraordinary milestone in American history. Obama’s election to the nation’s highest office marked a profound reversal of many long-held assumptions about geography, gender, parties, politics, and race relations—indeed, the American character itself—that have been entwined in this nation’s fabric since the arrival of Europeans in North America more than 400 years ago.

Then, in January, in a letter to Congress, President Jefferson had openly accused Burr of a treasonous conspiracy. Suspecting that the mysterious rider might indeed be Burr, Perkins set off to find the local sheriff. They rode to Major Hinson’s house, and it was there that Perkins got a better look at the man who had raised alarm bells. “He was shocked by his bizarre getup. He wore a slouching white hat with a broad brim, sported a long beard and checkered handkerchief around his neck, and a great, baggy coat tied with a belt.

Each of these stories also explores a vastly more complex path to nationhood than the tidily packaged national myth of rugged individuals setting out for new territory. It is a path of confusing and competing alliances and ambitions—the ambitions of individuals and the ambitions of a nation poised to take its place on a grand world stage. The story of the “rising nation” described in this book is bracketed by two chapters describing a pair of high-profile trials, both of which featured some of the most prominent men of the nineteenth century.

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