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CV, neither of which fit the syllable structure of the language (cf. illegal σ-structure). CV (cf. proposed σ-structure). 1 for further discussion on verb inflection following CC-final stems. 1, though there is no evidence for contrastive nasalisation in Rājbanshi, nasalisation is frequent in speech. Conditioned nasalisation is found in two instances. Firstly, anticipatory assimilation can occur on vowels which precede nasal consonants, for example, in the words बान /bæn̪/ [bæ̃ ːn̪] 'arrow' and लङ /lʌŋ/ [lʌ̃ˑŋ] 'finger nail' and नुन /n̪un̪/ [n̪ũn̪] 'salt'.

Elsewhere in the phonology (again, apart from loan words) [j] was found to be caused by glidal emergence between two vowels when the first vowel of the sequence is /i/. The indirect causative stem -(उ)वा /-(u)wa/ [-(u)wæ] 'ICAUS' must be considered an exception to this rule however, on comparative grounds. That is, due to comparison with Hindi and Maithili, the approximant /w/ is deemed phonemic, while the vowel [u] is regarded as epenthetic. 4 Syllable structure and CC-clusters The following syllable structures were encountered: Table 9.

The content of this section is based primarily on an unpublished manuscript (Rājbanshi & Wilde 2004) and a published article (Wilde 2005), both of which focus on Rājbanshi phonology. I have approached the data according to the principles of American structuralism, much along the lines followed by Pike (1971 [1947]). Words have been contrasted in isolation from connected speech in order to determine the contrastive segmental and suprasegmental elements and their complementary and free variation.

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