Download A Song for the King: Saraha on Mahamudra Meditation by Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn PDF

By Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn

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In the practice of tantra, the focus is nOt as vast. Tanua is more concerned with profundity than with vastness, and therefore within the teachings, it is called the aspect of profundity. These instructions are not principally concerned with the empty nature of all phenomena, because it is not the emptiness of phenomena that poses the principal problem for us. Our problem stems from our mind. Everything we experience-delight or depression, regret or guilt, sadness or happiness, enthusiasm, faith, or compassion-is rooted within our mind.

When you realize the ineffable, it is neither suffering nor bliss. When there is nothing to meditate upon, wisdom itself is bliss. Likewise, though thunder may evoke fear, The falling of rain makes harvests ripen. This twelfth verse is concerned with the benefit of realizing the inexpressible or ineffable, which here refers co emptiness. When we use the word emptiness or empty, it can sound very threatening.

Ing to infer or deduce it. The Vajrayana path leads [0 the stare of great uniry, the stare ofVajra. dhara. in one lifetime and in one body. This leads to a question: If the Buddha said that it takes three periods of innumerable eons to achieve buddhahood. chen the statement that one can achieve the same state in one lifetime and one body must be untrue. Or conversely. ifi t is true that one can achieve buddhahood in one lifetime and one body. then the Buddha's statement that it takes three periods of innumerable eons to achieve buddhahood must be untrue.

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