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By Michael Anderson

Age diversity: 12 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Chapter 1 youth 12

Chapter 2 Lincoln In Illinois 23

Chapter three nationwide Politics 39

Chapter four Presidency 49

Conclusion 69

Glossary 70

For additional info 73

For additional analyzing 76

Index seventy eight

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Whatever their contribution to the movement for independence and the establishment of the United States, the workers’ political gains were limited. It is not necessary to quote the conservative views of such a strong advocate of government by the rich and the wellborn as Alexander Hamilton to demonstrate how far removed the United States was from a democratic society at the close of the eighteenth century. There were everywhere fears of the “levelling spirit” which had seemed so pronounced during the Revolution, and of the threat to national stability in any further concessions to the democratic masses.

The organization of mill hands also led to a first strike on the part of female workers when the weavers at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, turned out in 1824. ” Even more significant than the revival and militancy of these local labor societies was a further step in the organization of labor that went beyond limited craft lines. In 1827 a Mechanics’ Union of Trade Associations was established in Philadelphia. In the terminology of today, this meant, rather, an association of unions, or a city central.

Capitalists, who employed labor to manufacture goods for the market, steadily displaced petty commodity producers, who produced for customers only on special order. The development of improved means of transportation—canals, turnpikes, and steamboats—widened the market further and expanded business opportunities. The “transportation revolution” opened the growing American interior to the products manufactured on the eastern seaboard. A national market was in the making which would overshadow the old local markets dependent upon retail trade and “bespoke work,” and it set the pace for economic progress.

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