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Sedatives are used to promote sleep by inflicting two (2) grades of fatigue per dose. Poisons are used to inflict injury upon ingestion or any other means which cause them to enter the bloodstream. This can either be a one time effect (three grades of injury) or a continuing effect (one grade of injury each hour) and represent snake venom, insect bites, or poisonous substances such as arsenic and cyanide. Weaker, non-fatal poisons are possible too— they inflict fatigue instead of injury. Antidotes are used to counter the effects of poisons.

Constrict The character attempts to ready his weapon and use it in the same action. This also requires the expenditure of two (2) points of effort from either awareness or fitness and it receives +1 DIFF. Dive The character attempts to plunge head first away from an area or into a body of water. The risk should be gauged by the height of the dive. Unarmed Block The character attempts to block a melee weapon with his bare hands (or arms or legs). This makes the task a precarious risk if blocking a weapon which causes fatigue and disasterous if it causes injury.

Military vehicles, those fitted with infrared technology, or characters with night vision can ignore this condition. Impediment The vehicle’s performance is hindered due to an obstacle, hill, patch of mud, turbulence, or other rough terrain. The task receives +1 to +4 DIFF depending on the severity of the impediment. C vehicle task stunts 3 Vehicle stunts require the use of Advanced Tasks. Vehicle stunts are usually a function of a pilot’s skill, although the vehicle’s abilties may also be a factor.

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