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By Christian Ausoni, Kathryn Hess, Jerome Scherer

This quantity includes the court cases of the 3rd Arolla convention on Algebraic Topology, which happened in Arolla, Switzerland, on August 18-24, 2008. This quantity comprises examine papers on strong homotopy concept, the speculation of operads, localization and algebraic K-theory, in addition to survey papers at the Witten genus, on localization strategies and on string topology - delivering a vast standpoint of recent algebraic topology

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Xσ−1 (k) ). In particular, ξ στ = (ξ σ )τ . An E-functor ξ : C ⊗k → C is called twisted-symmetric if ξ comes equipped with E-natural transformations φσ : ξ → ξ σ , σ ∈ Σk , such that φστ = (φσ )τ φτ for σ, τ ∈ Σk , and such that φe is the identity transformation where e denotes the neutral element of Σk . 4 ([42]). ,ik : ξk ◦ (ξi1 ⊗ · · · ⊗ ξik ) → ξi1 +···+ik , i1 , . . ,σk ) 1 k ✲ ⊗ · · · ⊗ ξiσkk ) , ξi1 +···+i k where σ(σ1 , . . , σk ) is the value of (σ; σ1 , . . , σk ) ∈ Σk × Σi1 × · · · × Σik under the permutation operad, cf.

1. Cellulation of topological operads by poset-operads. Given a topological space X and a poset A we say that X admits an A-cellulation if there is a functor c : A → Top : α → cα fulfilling the following three properties: (i) colimα∈A cα ∼ = X; (ii) for each α ∈ A, the canonical map colimβ<α cβ → cα is a closed cofibration; (iii) for each α ∈ A, cα is contractible. Fixing the isomorphism (i) allows us to consider cα as a closed subset of X which we call the cell labelled by α. By (ii) the colimit ∂cα = colimβ<α cβ is a closed subset of cα which we call the boundary of cα .

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