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By John Bicknell

The 12 months 1844 observed a momentous presidential election, non secular turmoil, westward growth, and various different interwoven occasions that profoundly affected the U.S. as a country. writer and journalist John Bicknell information those compelling occasions during this strange background publication. He explains how the election of James okay. Polk guaranteed the growth that introduced Texas, California, and Oregon into the union. This came about amidst anti-Mormon and anti-Catholic violence, the assumption within the forthcoming moment coming of Christ, the homicide of Joseph Smith, Charles Goodyear’s patenting of vulcanized rubber, the near-death of President John Tyler in a freak naval explosion, and lots more and plenty extra. All of those components illustrate the competing visions of the yank destiny and the way Polk’s victory cemented the imaginative and prescient of a continental country.

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Richard Helms told future CIA director and secretary of defense Bob Gates that Johnson had once compared intelligence officers to a cow he had owned as a kid in Texas. “One day I’d worked hard and gotten a full pail of milk, but I wasn’t paying attention, and old Bessie swung her shit-smeared tail through that bucket of milk. Now, you know, that’s what these intelligence guys do. ” Another future director, William Colby, remembered that when he stepped forward during a meeting in the Cabinet Room to show the new president a photograph of a Vietnamese installation—­the kind of hands-on intelligence collection Kennedy would have loved— Johnson failed to engage Colby except to warn him not to spill coffee as he reached over the table.

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