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By Leif Johan Eliasson

This e-book seeks to rectify american citizens’ perspectives of its closest best friend, Europe--an formidable activity, yet one sorely missing within the literature. Many prejudices approximately Europe floor in headlines, whereas others stay latent, yet they're actual, pervasive and ingrained. by way of addressing the normal citizen in a simple to learn, jargon unfastened, authentic and non-ideological textual content, my desire is to start this technique of correcting americans’ frequently outrageous, but generally held and perpetuated ideals approximately Europe. If the dominant media shops really suggested the evidence approximately Europe and America’s dating with its eu allies, and if the common American knew the significance of Europe to their very own, and our worldwide, future health, this booklet will be pointless. even if, this isn't the case, making it significant to deal with the ordinary and pervasive distortions, misperceptions or even flat-out lies approximately Europe, eu guidelines, societies, and folks. Myths and distortions may be without delay destructive to our economic system, safety, and caliber of existence. voters aid coverage projects, vote, make investments, store and commute. In all of those parts Europe is our most crucial best friend, buying and selling companion, and resource of international funding. judgements taken in any of those parts, if in line with myths and misperceptions, could have dire outcomes for the typical citizen. the present financial predicament, family reform proposals,  and America’s expanding consciousness of its relative decline--and elevated have to cooperate with others--makes a ebook explaining the reality approximately our closest best friend valuable.

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25 Congress included an attractive sounding “buy American” provision in its 2009 economic stimulus bill, requiring funds to be used only to purchase 100 percent American products and services as long as they were no more than 24 percent more expensive than foreign competitors. Numerous business representatives, recognizing the devastating effects that could follow, including retribution by foreign investors, retaliation against American exports, lay-offs of American workers, not to mention stifled competition (a decidedly un-American trait), stepped up counter efforts.

Their opinions matter; citizens vote at the ballot box, with their wallet, and with their voices. Contemporary politicians (on the political left and right) constantly accuse each other and the media of distortions and bias, while they all express their desire for better informed citizens. ”24 Second, no relationship can be taken for granted; similar to marriage, a relationship must be nurtured and commitments constantly renewed. If Europe were better understood, the quality of public debate could rise above “Socialism versus capitalism” or “appeasers versus warriors,” 20 America’s Perceptions of Europe the childishly simplistic myths and distortions perpetually espoused on radio, TV, the Internet or in print media.

The commission is the executive branch and guardian of EU treaties (a mix of American congressional and presidential powers). The commission is subjected to hearings in parliament before being approved (the way the US Senate questions cabinet nominees). Led by a president, the commission formally proposes all new EU legislation, oversees its implementation and adherence by member states, and can fine member states for breaches of EU law. The commission can issue direct regulation or directives (decisions where states implement laws in ways they deem appropriate) in all areas related to competition policy or trade, similar to the US federal government’s power to regulate everything related to commerce.

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