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By Kevin Walker

This publication describes an invariant, l, of orientated rational homology 3-spheres that is a generalization of labor of Andrew Casson within the integer homology sphere case. allow R(X) denote the gap of conjugacy periods of representations of p(X) into SU(2). enable (W, W, F) be a Heegaard splitting of a rational homology sphere M. Then l(M) is said to be an correctly outlined intersection variety of R(W) and R(W) within R(F). The definition of this intersection quantity is a fragile activity, because the areas concerned have singularities. A formulation describing how l transforms lower than Dehn surgical procedure is proved. The formulation comprises Alexander polynomials and Dedekind sums, and will be used to offer a slightly easy facts of the lifestyles of l. it's also proven that once M is a Z-homology sphere, l(M) determines the Rochlin invariant of M

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The filter generated by {∞B } converges to every point of B # . Also PsTop and CAp are extensional. Topological universes. Topological universes, the definition of which follows below, are also known under the name concrete quasi-topoi. However in the work of Dubuc of 1979 [70], where this term was introduced, no fiber-smallness was required. Later in 1983 these constructs were called strongly topological by Herrlich [104]. The term topological universe is due to Nel, and it first appeared in his paper [185] from 1984.

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