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By Ricardo Martins, Nuno Lourenço, Nuno Horta

This booklet introduces readers to various instruments for analog structure layout automation. After discussing the situation and routing challenge in digital layout automation (EDA), the authors evaluate a number of computerized format new release instruments, in addition to the latest advances in analog layout-aware circuit sizing. The dialogue contains assorted equipment for automated placement (a template-based Placer and an optimization-based Placer), a fully-automatic Router and an empirical-based Parasitic Extractor. The ideas and algorithms of all of the modules are completely defined, allowing readers to breed the methodologies, enhance the standard in their designs, or use them as start line for a brand new instrument. the entire tools defined are utilized to functional examples for a 130nm layout procedure, in addition to placement and routing benchmark sets.

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This specific language is intended to code layout templates to be used for layout-aware circuit sizing due to its flexibility and fast generation time. In order to optimize the area of a fixed/ template-­based non-slicing floorplan, Unutulmaz et al. [89] also formulates the areas of the transistors, capacitors and resistors as convex functions, and then, the floorplan area is minimized by solving a sequence of convex problems. Due to its fast convergence, the approach is intended to be integrated in LDS and find the optimum dimensions of the layout components during the layout-aware circuit sizing.

This methodology can be found in recent literature with different designations like parasitic-­aware, layout-aware and layout-driven sizing. RE-DESIGN ELECTRICAL D ESIGN Fail performance P HYSICAL D ESIGN Sizing Layout P OST-LAYOUT VALIDATION Fig. 5 Traditional design flow, iterations between electrical and physical design phases 2 State-of-the-Art on Analog Layout Automation 30 DESIGN SPECS OPTIM. KERNEL Equations Evaluation Method Simulator Layout-aware ib, w, l, nf, nturns, ldiam, etc. Floorplan Generation Performance figures as a function of the parameters SIZED CIRCUIT Circuit Simulation Measure Performance Routing Generation Extract Parasitics Simulation of Extracted Netlist Measure Performance area, aspect-ratio, etc fosc, phasenoise, gdc, idd, delay, S11, etc a b c Fig.

Since not all the layout topologies have a slicing structure, this representation can degrade the density of the placement solution. This is especially true when the layout’s cells are very different in aspect ratio, a common situation in analog circuits. More recently, the slicing-tree representation has been popular in methodologies for layout migration [15] and for fixed-outline floorplanning [16], however, only in [17] symmetric-feasibility conditions for the slicing-tree were introduced. 1 Placement 15 * b a c2 c1 c7 c5 c3 c4 + c1 * c2 + c5 * c6 c3 + c6 c7 c4 Fig.

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